Environmental Sustainability

A “safe & healthy workplace and environmentally sustainable operations in parallel” has been the continual pursuit of ZACROS Taiwan since its establishment. As well as strictly pursuing this objective, we have gradually built an environmental management system, occupational safety and health management system while implementing performance management. We conduct comprehensive monitoring, control, and make improvements to all business activities in order to fulfill our CSR goals, pursuing sustainable operations, and development.

In order to fulfill our commitment, we execute and initiate the following actions:

  1. Safe workplace equipment and facilities for the protection of all employees.
  2. Safety and health education & training or theme-based drills to strengthen the safety awareness of all employees.
  3. Prevention of occupational accidents through efficient safety observation and inspection.
  4. Commitment to the improvement of environmental pollution, as well as investment in the development of products that do not pose threats to the environment.
  5. Introduction of treatment equipment to better control air pollution and monitoring facilities that exceed legal requirements.
  6. The use of big data energy analysis to provide energy-conservation improvement opportunities that allow resources to be reused, reducing the impact on the environment.
  7. Strict adherence to the requirements of the relevant environmental, health & safety, and energy laws and regulations while striving for responses that are superior to the required by law.

Safety Policy

Environmental Policy

Global Warming Countermeasures

By replacing heavy oil and LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) with LNG (liquefied natural gas), we have been able to reduce CO2 emissions enormously.

ISO14001 Acquisition

Date of Approval:January 25 , 2018
Effective Date:January 25 , 2021
Numb of Approval:EMS 680139


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