Product Application

META Seal / Tab Film

A foreign matter film (META SEAL FILM) developed using the Company’s lamination technology, and an adhesive film (tab film) for tab lead manufacturing with resistance to electrolytes developed for METAL SEAL FILM applications.

META SEAL films are suitable for bonding in a variety of applications.
For example, they can be used for fuel cell bonding.
In addition, tab films are highly reliable and have been widely used for over 20 years.

Product Features

  1. An adhesive film that can adhere to different materials.
    -Metals: SUS, aluminum, nickel, titanium, etc.
    -Ceramics: Glass, plaster, precision ceramics, etc.
    -Film: PP film, PET film, nylon film, fluorine film, etc.
    *Depending on material usage, some films may require surface treatment.
  2. Films that can be used as a hot melt adhesive.
    -It’s non-adhesion feature provides superior practicality (perforation service available).
  3. Tab film provides long-term reliability and resistance to liquid electrolyte in LIBs.
  4. We custom design our products to meet customers’ needs.
    -Enhanced durability: Chemical resistance, heat resistance, high flexibility
    -Improved practicality: Variations of thickness, low-temperature adhesion, delivery types (rolls, perforated products)
    -Low-temperature adhesion: Also provides hot bonding at 90°C.

Main Applications

  • Bonding of lithium-ion battery electrodes for aluminum bags
  • Bonding of fuel cell separators
  • Bonding of other electronic parts

Inquiries on This Product

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