Single-use bags for microbiological cultures: Culture Bag™
Single-use culture bags for microbiological cultures can be used simultaneously with aeration and shaking to replace flask cultures for simple aeration cultures.

Product Features
  1. 1 Can incubate 1-10L class cultures - no more rows of flasks.
  2. 2 After use, it can be placed directly into an outer box, to be transported or stored as a distribution container.
  3. 3 . It has been proven that the same or higher level of microbiological culture efficiency as flasks and baffled flasks can be achieved or can be used for culturing Escherichia coli or yeast.
  4. 4 Made with heat-resistant film, like regular culture flasks, culture media bacteria is sterilized using high pressure steam after the culture medium is injected.
  5. 5 A shaking apparatus can be used depending on size. Aeration compressors, temperature-controlled heaters and shaking apparatuses are also available for customers according to the application.
Main Applications
・Culturing microorganisms
・Heating and agitating liquid samples
Product Specification
Model Capacity (L) Dimensions (mm) Innermost layer material Closure size(mm) No. of connecting tubes Tube internal diameter (mm)
Bag size Maximum culture volume
CB20-1 20 10 300×300×300 PP Φ32 3
(1 air supply,
1 discharge,
1 sampling)
CB10-1 10 5 250×250×250
CB5-1 5 2.5 190×190×190
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